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Fixture inspection

Inspection is a routine component of the manufacturing process; as parts come off of the production line, some are examined to ensure accurate dimensions. This process requires specialized workholding. Two examples include CMM fixtures and check gauges.

These fixtures need to satisfy stiffness and precision requirements, which traditionally would mean they would be custom-machined out of aluminum. However, the process is expensive and depletes valuable shop time. As the effort increases with the complexity of machined parts, it becomes even more cumbersome to manufacture inspection fixtures that must contain intricate geometries.

Visual inspection- Appearance Check

Anti-rust Resistance Check

Salt spray test

Salt-fog is the common and most destructive form of atmospheric corrosion. Salt spray test determines the ability of polymers or metals to withstand salt-based corrosion simulated in the Salt spray chamber. These tests are generally suitable as corrosion protection tests for rapid analysis for discontinuities, pores and damage in organic and inorganic coating. There are four types of artificial salt spray test: neutral salt spray (NSS), acetic acid salt spray (AASS), Copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray (CASS) and salt.

Cut Test-Scratch & Abrasion Resistance Check

Adhesion Cross